Custom Design and Finish

Custom Designs and Finishes

Custom Designs

Wren has an engineering culture – we love to design products to help solve real-world problems. Our primary source for ideas comes from our partners in the field who are dealing with challenging situations day in and day out.

We have a deep roster of talent with disciplines of electrical, mechanical and industrial engineering as well as product design skill sets in house. Additionally, we have the equipment and facilities to effectively execute the product development process.

We deploy an iterative development methodology, whereby we solicit feedback regularly and make adjustments quickly and frequently. This allows us to dynamically adjust to the actual environment of the problem we are solving. Below is an example of how a project moves from concept to finished product.

Custom Designs

Custom design projects are not limited to housings and mounts. We have experience with all types of research and development, including PCB design, embedded firmware and software. We are happy to listen to ideas and then provide and honest an professional opinion on how best to move forward, whether with or without us.
Share your ideas with us.

Custom Finishes

We understand that often times, aesthetics can play a critical role in determining the final product solution. The Wren Custom Finish Program lets you stand out from the crowd while blending in to your environment. No longer are you stuck choosing between grey and gray as your only appearance or color options.

As an architect or end-user, you now have the ability to complement your design and facility while providing the camera coverage you need.

As a reseller, you can win more deals as you differentiate your solution and impress your customers.

Custom Finishes

Now you are only limited by your imagination. We are able to reproduce realistic standard finishes such as granite, wood-grain, camouflage and many other styles on nearly any product you desire. Additionally, we can take a custom image that you provide and apply it for a truly one-of-a-kind result.

Besides custom finishes, we are also able to provide paint match capabilities for custom color options with spray and powder-coat applications.

Stand out from the crowd on your next project and let us know how we can help you develop a one-of-a-kind look. Tell us how we can help.