Cerberus Detection Solutions

PP180 Series

  • Proactive deterrent to help protect sensitive areas
  • User-defined response protocol via web browser
  • All-in-one solution with PIR, strobe, siren
  • Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) or DC powered
  • Ideal for retail, utilities, car lots, construction sites or other sensitive areas
  • Works independently or integrates to an existing intrusion system

The PP180 series is designed to provide an integrated, intelligent and proactive response to intrusion detection.  The all-in-one unit features two high-quality PIR sensors that cover 180 degrees as well as a high visibility, blue, law-enforcement-like strobe light and siren functionality.  An optional speaker kit can drive recorded audio messages.

With an on-board, single-board computer (SBC), the PP180 provides a user the ability to customize how the unit responds to motion being detected.  Additionally, multiple PP180 units can communicate via a peer-to-peer network to increase the effectiveness of the system across a location.

The PP180 series is ideal for applications where perimeter security is paramount –retail entry points to deter smash and grabs, unmanned utility substations to deter tampering and car lots to help proactively deter theft or vandalism.


User-Defined Response

The PP180 features a browser-based management system that allows users to customize the response protocol when motion is detected. Using “if this, then that” (IFTTT) logic, users are able to determine how they want to intelligently deter unwanted behavior.  Below is an example:


Networked Mode

The PP180 can also be networked together to extend the functionality of the units across a location or enterprise.  The units operate in a peer-to-peer (P2P) architecture which provides for a highly-customizable response.  Below is an example:

  1. Unit A detects motion and executes its local response protocol (sounding siren).
  2. Unit A also broadcasts its motion detection to all other units in the P2P network which receive the event and respond per their response protocol:

Unit B illuminates strobe light

Unit C sounds siren and illuminates strobe light

Unit D does nothing


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Model Numbers

PP180AP-BIP                     Perimeter Protection, Onboard Computer with PoE, 180˚ detection, with Strobe and Siren, Single Input/Output, Black