Effective Approaches for Preventing Vagrancy and Loitering

January 18, 2021 Published by

Vagrancy and loitering on your property can be detrimental to your business from both a cost perspective as well as a potential brand image problem. Unwanted individuals on your property can scare away legitimate customers, lead to unsightly messes or even property damage, in addition to making employees feel unsafe.

The physical security industry provides a host of solutions designed to deter undesirable behavior, limit access and prevent damage and loss. However, some approaches to deterrence can impede legitimate customers. When identifying tactics and technologies to achieve perimeter security, keep the following best practices in mind. 

  • Deter unwanted activity early – The optimal time to prevent loitering, vandalism and vagrancy is when unwanted individuals arrive on the premises. By encouraging these individuals to simply gather elsewhere, companies can avoid damage, messes or property damage. Once individuals have settled on the site, it can be much more difficult and costly to encourage relocation. For this reason, conveying that the property is being monitored early on is ideal.
  • Don’t compromise the customer experience – While many approaches to perimeter protection can effectively deter unwanted visitors, these approaches may also frighten away legitimate customers. For example, excessive access control can make a location feel more like a maximum security prison than a customer service business. Loud, obtrusive warning announcements may make customers feel uncomfortable or unwelcome. The most effective approaches are transparent to the customer. As an example, a national convenience store chain, found that playing classical music in the parking lots deterred unwanted individuals from settling there, without negatively impacting customers.
  • Offer dynamic response – Scheduled audio messages and signage often do little to deter unwanted individuals. For this reason, dynamic, seemingly impromptu responses are more effective. Consider escalating automated responses or varying interactive lights and audio to make responses seem live rather than automated.
  • Get creative -Today’s technology offers the ability to integrate data from a number of devices. Whether integrating interactive technologies with video analytics software to initiate a response when key criteria are met, or activating lights when entrance sensors are tripped, it’s possible to construct sophisticated and measured responses based on activity on site. Don’t be afraid to experiment with new approaches and ideas.

The Hyperion Perimeter Security Solution offers a dynamic, proactive approach to perimeter security. Fully configurable and compatible with existing systems, this solution provides effective deterrence when and where it’s needed most. Explore the solution and how it can help by downloading our white paper, “Secure Your Perimeter to Reduce Losses, Increase Safety & Improve Customer Experience: A How-To Guide for Retailers.” Get started on the path to greater perimeter security.

To learn how you can enhance your store’s perimeter security, connect with one of our specialists to develop a unique solution for you.

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