Protection Begins at Your Perimeter

Improve the safety and perimeter experience for your customers and employees. Hyperion deters unwanted behavior by managing devices that detect and respond intelligently.


Reduce Property Damage

Broken doors and windows are costly to replace but negative perceptions lose customers for life.

Manage Loitering Issues

Loitering around a store is not inviting. When customers don’t feel safe, they will shop elsewhere.

Reduce False Alarms

False alarms are a major nuisance and problem that can result in reduced police response.

Force Multiplier

Staffing levels and security protocols are a challenge to manage for every store.

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Hyperion Deployed for Retail

User-defined protocols determine what to look for and how to respond. Below is an example of how Hyperion is deployed in a retail store.



Initial presence is detected, activating the system.



15 seconds after presence is detected, an audio message is played, “Thank you for visiting our store. We are currently closed. Please return during our normal business hours.”



After an additional 15 seconds has passed, the light bar activates, and the audio message changes to, “Please leave the premises immediately or authorities will be called.”



If presence is still detected after 10 seconds, sirens and strobe lights are activated.



Human response initiated.

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Perimeter Security Reimagined

Hyperion is the swiss army knife of retail security, enabling smart devices to solve multiple needs in one system. 

  • Purpose-built devices for specific applications
  • Automated, escalating staged response 
  • Manual response options with wireless push button
  • Simple administration of devices
  • Reporting to view patterns and build action plans

Wireless Devices

  • Extend the range of protection
  • Reduce installation expense
  • Support 250 wireless devices per gateway

Ease of Installation

  • Auto-discovery of devices reduces installation time
  • Simple configuration allows for tailored setup

Flexible, Scalable & Secure

  • Scalability to address future problems
  • Flexible deployment support
  • Architecture designed with security first

Hyperion’s Connected IoT Platform

Combining purpose-built devices with user-defined protocols to activate audio and visual deterrents,
Hyperion Perimeter Protection prevents break-ins, reduces property damage, and discourages loitering.

Perimeter Protection Products

Hyperion Gateway

Manages Hyperion devices and wireless communications and executes automated response protocols.

Modular Security Enclosure 

A high-visibility deterrent device designed to cover open areas with motion detection, strobe lights, spotlights, and siren.

Perimeter Detection Unit

A compact deterrent device designed for customer entryways with motion detection, strobe light and siren.  

Light Bar

This high impact strobe light bar works alongside other devices to increase effectiveness.

4 Button Key Fob

A wireless key fob used to trigger up to 4 unique deterrent responses as part of the Hyperion perimeter protection solution.

Horn Speaker

An indoor/outdoor speaker that delivers clear audio messages as part of the perimeter protection strategy.

Wall Mount Speaker

An outdoor speaker with aesthetic design delivers clear, high decibel audio messaging as part of the Hyperion perimeter security solution.

Flood Light

A high impact LED light works alongside other devices to increase effectiveness of the system as well as provide additional safety lighting when needed as part of the Hyperion perimeter protection solution.

Digital I/O Port Expander

This wireless device provides a seamless method to connect 3rd party security devices to Hyperion to be used in system response as part of the Hyperion perimeter security solution.

Beyond Retail Perimeters

Not unlike retail, securing sensitive areas or large, open sites – like construction sites, auto dealerships, and warehouses – has unique challenges. Hyperion’s solutions include reliable, purpose-built devices and the ability to integrate to legacy systems to tailor a customized perimeter protection solution.

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