Multi-Camera 8″ Dome Housings

  • Creates a multi-sensor solution for divided sensor-encoder solutions
  • Install up to 4 covert-style camera heads for 360 degree views
  • Extremely flexible camera positioning allows for tailored coverage
  • Mix and match lenses with the unique mounting system
  • Multiple mounting options for both indoor and outdoor applications
  • Easy installation and deployment

The Wren Multi-Camera (MC) housing lets you customize your views to create a unique multi-sensor solution to help you obtain camera-specific shot objectives.  Each camera head can be positioned independently and the mounts allow for various lenses to be used within the same housing.  As with all Wren products, the MC series is designed for a simple installation which ultimately saves you time and money.


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  • HM1102 –  Wall-Mount
  • HM1222 – Pole-Mount Adapter (requires HM1102)
  • HM1322 – Corner-Mount Adapter (requires HM1102)
  • HM1722 – Parapet-Mount Adapter (requires HM1102)

Model Number

MCS-BWAXFX8D – Surface-Mount, 8-inch Tinted Dome, White, Supports up to 4 covert tube cameras
MCP-BWAXFX8D – Pendant-Mount, 8-inch Tinted Dome, White, Supports up to 4 covert tube cameras
MCR-BWAXFX8D – Flush Mount, 8-inch Tinted Dome, White, Supports up to 4 covert tube cameras

Supported Products

Axis:     F-1005-E, F-1015, F-1035-E (with either the F41 or F44 main unit)

We are continually certifying cameras models for our housings. If you have a camera model you would like to see work with this housing, please let us know.