Environmental Globe

  • Side-mount housing for multiple fixed cameras or a single PTZ
  • Integrated wall mount
  • Dual-shell construction and heater/blower kit
  • Multiple mounting accessories available

The EG12 is a unique, side-mount outdoor housing to accommodate multiple fixed cameras or a single PTZ camera.  The unit features a dual-shell construction, coupled with its heater/blower kit, the EG12 can operate in a wide range of climates.  An integrated wall-mount makes the EG12 simple to install and there are several mounting accessories available to accommodate a variety of installation types.

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Model Number

EG12BG-T1-HB—Side-mount housing with 12-inch Bronze dome and Grey housing for a Fixed camera, with Heater/blower
EG12RBW-T1-HB—Recessed-mount, 12″ bronze dome, with Heater/Blower, for multiple fixed cameras, gray

Supported Products

Fixed camera with maximum camera/lens length of 8.5″

We are continually certifying cameras models for our housings. If you have a camera model you would like to see work with this housing, please let us know.