The Value of Perimeter Security to Your Customers and Employees

December 18, 2020 Published by

When it comes to delivering the optimal customer experience – that relevant, compelling experience that brings shoppers back for more – every moment the customer spends on your property counts. That means your parking lot is connected to your brand. Even if the inside of your store exceeds expectations, your customers have to arrive and move safely and comfortably into the building. Anything that detracts from that experience can diminish their trust in your brand.

Regardless of the time of day or night customers arrive at the store, their impression of your brand starts right then and there. So if your parking lot is known to attract unwanted crowds, or is covered in graffiti and trash, these sights, sounds, smells and all related apprehension or discomfort is tied in the customer’s mind to your brand and their overall experience at your store.

For this reason, proactive deterrence at the perimeter is critical to offering an optimal, safe shopping experience. Consider the benefits of perimeter security to your customers and employees.

  • Engenders trust – Customers want to enjoy their entire experience at your store. That means it’s easy for them to enter and park. They feel safe walking to and from their cars. They experience a clean and attractive surrounding and feel safe as they load their cars with goods purchased. By deterring unwanted crowds and behaviors, perimeter protection helps engender trust with customers.
  • Prioritizes security – Perimeter security systems send a clear signal to customers that your brand prioritizes safety. By setting this expectation early and communicating it clearly, both customers and employees understand that you prioritize their security.
  • Protects employees – Employees who work late closing stores may be uncomfortable or fearful of unwanted individuals in the parking lots. This can cause loss of good associates who do not feel protected by their employer. Loss of these employees can, in turn, impact the quality of customer service. Perimeter security helps reduce the chances that employees will leave based on safety concerns.
  • Reduces drive-aways – Unwanted crowds and behaviors in the parking lot and outside the store can elicit fear or discomfort in legitimate customers who will simply drive away and choose another retailer. By keeping vagrants and other unwanted crowds out of your parking lot, you can reduce customer attrition that may happen before they even enter the store.

When it comes to delivering the optimal customer experience, don’t forget the importance of security around your building. We invite you to learn about Hyperion for Perimeter Security and to explore additional strategies and benefits of perimeter security in our white paper, Secure Your Perimeter To Reduce Losses, Improve Safety & Improve Customer Experience: A How-To Guide for Retailers.

To learn how you can enhance your store’s perimeter security, connect with one of our specialists to develop a unique solution for you.

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